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As a continuation of providing free resources, we offer printed copies of three of our books – The Father Factor, A White Stone, and The Elect – free of charge to churches and ministries to help them in their outreach to the communities they serve.

Two of these books are novels — A White Stone and its sequel, The Elect. People from all walks of life have read them and received life from them while reading about the amazing love of Jesus and the forgiveness, power, and sovereignty of God. Thousands of these books have been placed in the hands of believers and unbelievers alike all over the world.

The Father Factor focuses on the restoration of the offices of husband and father. It shows that it’s never too late to remedy relationships when the Lord becomes the central focus of the solution.

As you read through any of our materials, consider them for individual study or group studies, or sending excerpts to your family and friends, so they can discover for themselves what the Lord may desire to speak into their lives.

We will have all of our twelve books available to you free of charge in the near future in PDF format on this website. We hope you will download them, explore them, make yourself at home with them, and let others know they’re available.

Please contact us for more information and let us know how we can help!
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The Father Factor is a pivotal book that addresses the reclaiming of the offices of husband and father. Families everywhere are in desperate need, reeling from the lack of a loving father who’s looking out for their best interests. God is raising up valiant, powerful men who will follow Him, leaving destitute lives behind and heading toward wholeness. He's rebuilding the lives of those who diligently seek Him for the power to overcome the challenges they face. He desires to reestablish marriages that will exhibit a visible representation of the relationship between Christ and His church, where children will see how God loves them through their own father's love.

The Father Factor is a step-by-step guide to healing and a salve for restoring sight. It’s a positive and refreshingly candid look at the impasse in which any man may find himself. It reminds the man seeking after God that the power to bring vitality to any marriage or win children from the stranglehold of the world lies with men who seek the Lord on their family’s behalf. As far as God is concerned, that surrender and reliance on Him is in their spiritual job description.

Through relevant testimonies, insightful teachings, and engaging storytelling, The Father Factor gives readers a safe path to travel in pursuit of the answers they need to face whatever challenges arise. It’s an important, eye-opening book for the valiant heart that is seeking to please God and leave a legacy that honors Him.

TODAY’S HEADLINES with ANSWERS! With the world on the brink of economic collapse and terror knocking at the door, it seems the perfect framework for chaos and fear to freely roam the earth. Good is labeled evil and evil is called good in a majority of hearts and minds, just as the Bible foretold. How would you live your life in this atmosphere? Are you sure? A White Stone is far more than a novel. It is a piercing exposé that compares how things are with how they could be for those who surrender completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Join a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life who are challenged to depend solely on God; and watch as those who say "Yes" meet their loving heavenly Father at every turn, while those who rely on their own plans reel from the chaos of a world that no longer holds any answers. Where do you stand? Are you looking for answers? Then you need to read A White Stone.

Survival takes on a whole new meaning when the corridors of heaven open the door to angelic and demonic activity on the earth following the rapture of the overcoming bride of Jesus Christ. Those who remain discover that things are nothing like they once were. They learn, however, that God still has a people to whom He can be merciful and through whom He can and will work powerfully.

Follow Ben Fairchild, Reefer McGee, Gloria Manly, and Tim Hanek as they navigate life on this earth when God's invisible spiritual order is allowed to function differently. Discover what it truly means to know God - to really live for Him, even in the most challenging times. The Elect will take you to places that require answers and answer questions that may dwell in the quiet places of your heart.

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