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Welcome to, one of the most unique radio stations on the planet. We call it outstanding Christian radio, gearing all our programming days for your benefit and the glory of God. Our goal is not only to encourage you, but to also provide the spiritual resources you need to navigate the amazing adventure the Lord offers to anyone who wants to follow Him whole-heartedly in these very profound times.

We desire to be a trusted companion who’s available to you 24 hours a day whatever your need may be. Whether you’re spiritually tired or have a need to remember and rejoice in Who God is and what He’s done in your life, or simply desire to surrender everything to Him in response to all He’s given you, we want to be there with you.

Redefining Radio

Based on prayer and many years of research, we’ve been given steps to redefine Christian radio. The Lord wasn’t asking us to take a secular station’s programming format and add Christian music to it. This led to a journey where He defined what songs should be played and what we should share throughout our programming day. We are always on a quest to build radio His way.

When you listen to, the Lord’s plan is to lift up and encourage your spirit, and continually lead you into a deeper relationship with Him. In addition to our distinctive music format, you will find relevant segments of love, exhortation, praise, and encouragement. These segments come from praying people who desire that you receive spiritual life directly from the heart of God.

The heart of the station is to help equip you to become all you can be in Christ and give you a platform to deepen your everyday walk with Him. As you become familiar with our programming, you’ll find ample quiet opportunities to take the time to hear from the Holy Spirit, which can sometimes be a challenge in a world which so often functions on overload. We trust you will experience as an oasis of life in the midst of the storm, and a place of rejoicing as the Lord touches your heart and reveals His goodness.

Our Music

Every song we present has been prayed over and chosen to address the many elements that comprise a dedicated walk with the Lord. You’ll notice songs by artists you don’t hear on other radio stations, as we don’t limit our selection to only well-known artists or producers. This gives us the freedom to acquaint you with anointed independent artists, giving a larger voice to lesser-known musicians, who are telling others about the amazing love of Jesus and teaching all of us to be advocates for one another.

As you find yourself listening in an atmosphere conducive to growing in the Lord, we ask you to pray for those who have been ministering to you on the air through the giftings God has given them. We also ask you to pray for our staff and the other listeners. Think of this as your world-wide ministry as we all pray for one another and the mission God has given each of us.  Since we have such a wide variety of music, you’ll probably find that some of the songs won’t fit your musical tastes; but they may be just perfect for someone else. If certain songs don’t grow on you, that may be the perfect time to lift your heart in prayer and praise to the Lord and also intercede for others.

What Are You Listening to?

As we continue to redefine Christian radio, you may want to reevaluate why you choose to listen to it in the first place and determine whether or not those needs are being met. Are you really being drawn closer to the Lord? Are you being built up in your inner being so that you have God’s strength to live a life that honors Him? If that’s not the case, know that we are doing everything we can to create an atmosphere that allows you to do so. At, our heartfelt cry is for every listener to continually head in the direction of becoming all they can be in Christ, so they can lead others in the same direction, experience the fullness of what God has to offer to anyone who is willing to pursue it; and last but certainly not least, bring great joy to the heart of God.

Our Commitment to You

Keep in mind we will always be a work in progress. That means our goal is to grow with you as we all continue to draw closer to Jesus. We’ll do everything we can to offer you the best resources possible to further your walk with the Lord. As challenges arise and new seasons unfold, we will diligently seek God’s heart to hear what He desires to say to those He loves. We’ll continually add new bits of life, words of encouragement, and anointed music that express what’s available to you through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Pray for Us

There is much more to learn. As we walk into the future, please pray that we’ll be obedient to present what the Lord desires. If is a place you choose to spend your time, please let others know it’s available to them, too. The Lord is so good at meeting us all right where we are!

We’re in This Together

We consider it a great privilege to share the Lord with you through radio. It’s also a great privilege to walk side-by-side with you as we all experience life in Christ and continually move in His direction. Let’s anticipate the exciting and purposeful journey ahead as we grow together in the Lord! He is the answer to everything in life!

Lord bless you,

The Staff

“Listen Wherever You Are – Take Us Wherever You Go”

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