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  • 1/27/20 Above All, Choose Love

    This life continually offers us choices. Many of those choices are slam dunks because the options available are simple. Right is always right, and wrong is always wrong. There are […]

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  • 1/27/20 A Wonderful Journey

            "You delight My heart. I notice you as a father notices his beloved child. I love to invest in you. As you respond to My leadings, […]

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  • 10/03/19 Follow Me as I Follow Christ

    These incredible words are one of the most powerful directions a man can give to his family. Just think of it, a man who chooses to follow Christ could assure […]

  • 10/02/19 Agents of His Will

    "When My Son prayed, do you know what the "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" part means? I know that most of this is quite […]

  • 10/02/19 An Incredible Heart

    I wish I could give proper credit to the players in this story, but I don't remember who they were or when the story took place. I just remember how […]

  • 10/01/19 A Great Lesson

    I remember the time my dad came to me at 2:00 AM with a spare tire in his hand, because I had burned the rubber off my own tires after […]

  • 10/01/19 Look Around

    "Why do you have preconceived notions as to how I am going to answer your prayers? Most of you miss many of My answers, because you are looking for something […]

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