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  • 5/23/20 Violations of Trust

    From the book, The Father Factor, by Jim and Merry Corbett During the course of a significantly dysfunctional marriage, many violations of trust occur, and they little by little erode […]

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  • 5/23/20 All Notice

    “Have you noticed that My story continues? I continue it in every person to whom you show Jesus. People know My plan because of the joy that they see in […]

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  • What Do You Expect ?

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    What do you expect? You are a blood bought child of God. Jesus spent His entire life on earth for your benefit. He and Father God made an unbreakable covenant […]

  • 5/21/20 Great Commissions

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    Anyone who follows Jesus has been commissioned to tell others about the love and wonder of His life, death, and resurrection, so they can embrace Him for eternity. We are […]

  • 5/21/20 Sitting Quietly

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    “Do you realize how much easier and more productive your life would be if you only took the time to wait on Me in prayer? If you would tarry long […]

  • What If?

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    What if God is Who He tells us He is in His Word? What if we can truly trust Him? What if His promises are real and always fulfilled, just […]

  • 5/20/20 Highest Honor

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    One of the highest honors a man has is to serve God by serving his wife and family. Taking his stewardship and responsibility seriously brings glory to the plan God […]

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