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From the book, Manna Moments, by Jim and Merry Corbett

I was once told that in the spiritual realm, we are surrounded by hosts of God dedicated to protecting us from any harm. At no time can the enemy pass that globe of protection. The spirits of lust, fear, anger or any other harmful agent are helpless to intrude into this powerfully protected area. They must remain outside and harmless to us.

Harmless, that is, unless we choose not to move according to the commands of the Word of God. Any time that we willingly choose to entertain any spirit that is not of God, these protective forces must obey our wishes, and allow for a breach in the perimeter so that whatever we choose to invite in can have access to us. The more that we allow this to happen, the easier that spirit is able to enter.

I am not sure how accurate this picture really is. I am sure though, that it portrays a concept that is well worth remembering. It is well known that our Lord is more than ready to come to our rescue in times of trouble and also that He will never leave us or forsake us. We, however, have a free will to do as we please, to entertain whatever our hearts desire. Our choice will be the difference between eventual life or death.

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Jim Corbett

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