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3/24/20 Accept Your Offices

As a new president sets up his cabinet and group of advisors, there are two elements of every appointment. There is a request for service, and then an acceptance of that office by the nominee. One cannot function properly without the other.

If the nominee declines the appointment, he or she would obviously not serve in that capacity. Should the nominee inwardly accept the appointment half-heartedly or with no intent of fulfilling that office to the full extent, however, he or she would do a great disservice to many, and would more than likely eventually fail to carry out the duties of that office.

It’s the same with you as a husband and father. You have been given two offices that are very important to God. Have you ever stopped to consider the responsibility that goes with them? Have you ever really accepted those offices and determined to function in them with everything you are and all that you have for His glory? If you haven’t, you will eventually fail in some way. Your marriage will be average at best, and your children will grow up without a vibrant commitment to God.

Today’s the day to fully accept your offices. Today’s the day to commit your way to God. Determine in your heart that you will only do what is right for your family by nurturing them in God’s ways for His glory. Make today the day you truly accept your position of servant and guide to them, leading them to the deep things of God. You have been called by God to serve. Do you really accept that calling?

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Jim Corbett

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