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3/16/20 Higher Fences

Fathers, if you continually find yourself putting more restrictions on your children and applying stronger consequences to help them comply with what you feel is best, you’re doing something wrong. You can build higher and higher fences all you want as they continue to grow, but one day they’ll find a way over the fence into total rebellion.

Somehow, your children have been taught compliance under your stewardship. They get in line to avoid the consequences you set in place, but their hearts are wandering or maybe empty. Perhaps it’s time for you to get on your face before God and repent of your ways. Are you also walking in compliance before God, doing things to avoid consequences, rather than doing them because you love Him and want to please Him with your obedience? Is this somehow being communicated to your children and they’re just following your lead?

Fear not. As you spend time with God and your love for Him grows deeper, you will learn to walk in Christ-like obedience. Then you will be able to love and nurture your children into walking in genuine obedience through the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God will accomplish in them what the laws you’ve established can never do.

If it seems too late and your children are walking in full-fledged rebellion against you and God, your only recourse is to pray and intercede until they find freedom in Christ. They’re in rebellion in part because your priorities and/or methods have been out of order. Do you care enough to do what is necessary to help them? They need you!

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Jim Corbett

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