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3/10/20 Choose Your Camp Wisely

        “For many years now, I have been telling you to prepare for the final fulfillment of My Word. Some of you have responded to My heralding with absolute abandon. You have seen the signs all around you that confirm what I have been telling you, and you have initiated whatever changes were needed to respond to My wooing. Life as you knew it has fallen away in your heart, and your only reason for existing is to be totally prepared and part of those who will usher in the coming of My Son. Even though things seem to take longer than expected, you remain faithful to what you know to be true in your heart.

        "Others of you are just now responding to the events all around you. You are applying what is very evident before you because you see its application to My Word and are beginning to adjust your priorities. Things are changing so fast that their implications have become very clear. Soon, you will move with zeal in the direction of holiness because you will finally know that what once was in your world can never be again. You see it and are making proper decisions to apply your lives to what is happening. You have determined to be ready and will soon sell out completely to what you know to be truth.

        "The remainder of My church does not, as of this time, understand where their priorities should be. They are still attempting to find only solace in Me for their personal needs, rather than responding to the Holy Spirit’s call to holiness. Their eyes are only on themselves and their desires for their kind of abundant life.

        "My caution to them is to wake from your slumber. Shake loose from anything that hinders you from choosing holiness as your only desire. Exchange your old life for My new life in Jesus. There is still time, but do not wait too long.”

Isaiah 48:3 NIV

“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.”


The Lord always warns His people of what He is doing to accomplish His will and fulfill His plans. Throughout history, it seems that there have been several responses to what the Lord is saying at any given time. Basically, I see that these responses come in three seasons or waves.

I have observed that there are those who are very responsive to the slightest movement in the heavenlies. Their ears are so tuned to the heart of the Lord that He has a mouthpiece to herald His heart to begin to stir His people. This heralding begins at a time when there is little or no evidence of the heralding being needed. Usually, most do not hear what is being said; and these few are labeled as fanatics. Because of their great love for their Lord, however, they quietly press on, holding what they have been told in prayer and sharing only with those who have ears to hear.

I believe that the next group responds to concrete evidence and its application to the Word. Their great love for the Lord motivates them to be very sensitive to their world and its biblical application. Wanting to accomplish the Lord’s will, they recognize the times and seasons as they happen, and respond in kind. They implement on a large scale what the first group has been saying for a long time. Generally, it seems that this group hears what the Lord is saying in time to respond and move with Him to accomplish His will.

The third group usually submits to any movement of God only through great pressure. When things become too difficult for them to handle, they seek God’s help in solving their needs; and therefore do not move from their comfort zones unless it is absolutely necessary. They are only moved by what is best for them and usually miss much of what the Lord is really saying until it’s too late. When what was being proclaimed for a long time does come to pass, this group is usually scurrying to do just enough to get in on what is happening. Usually, it seems that they miss out completely.

Wanting to hear and respond quickly,

Jim Corbett

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