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For reference, I believe that the world-wide pandemic is being used by God, in part , to wake up His church to the times and seasons that are rapidly unfolding. Having said that, here are some statistics compiled by worldometers.info to put things in perspective. Rush Limbaugh published a similar list.You might want to check these out yourself!
Never forget that Our Father God is Lord over all things. Truth is in His Word, the Bible.

Recorded deaths from January 1 to March 25, 2020

21,297 – Coronavirus
113,034 – Seasonal Flu
228,095 – Malaria
249,904 – Suicides
313,903 – Traffic Fatalities
390,908 – HIV/Aids
581,599 – Alcohol
1,162,481 – Smoking
1,909.804 – Cancer
2,382,324 – Hunger
9,913,702 - Abortion

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