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What If Things Never Go Back to the Way They Were?

What if this is it? What if all of Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes, not only in our lifetime but in this very day? What kind of persons should we be? What should our priorities be?

Signs of the times have been around for many years. Many generations have felt that the signs in their lives pointed to the rapture of the church, the institution of a one world government, and a world leader that would solve all global problems. Obviously they were wrong.

But what if this very day is the time prophesied in the Bible? If we look closely, some things seem to be falling in place. If they are, how important are the things that we cherish? How would we prepare our heart, our marriages, and our family? How would we prepare our children?

I guess if any of us has a bunch of changes to make, they should be made even if things go back to being business as usual shouldn't they? That is, if we really want to please the Lord with our lives!

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