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  • 9/27/19 Encounters with God

    Men, as leaders of those under your stewardship, are you preparing yourself for an encounter with God? Does your heart long for such intimacy that only His personal invitation into […]

  • 9/26/19 Fruitless Imaginations

    As a father and husband, who directs your plans? 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us that every thought that does not conform to the work that Jesus did is to be […]

  • 9/25/19 Serving Others with Brothers We Trust

    One of the most outstanding aspects of David’s life is the caliber of men God gave him. Knowing the battles he was about to encounter, God gave David mighty men […]

  • 9/24/19 This Life

    What if this life is about nothing more than to prepare those who are going to spend eternity with God and those who aren’t? What if God had no other […]

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