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  • 3/31/20 Thankful

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    Men, when was the last time you expressed your gratefulness to your wife? Have you thanked her not only for who she is and what she does, but also because […]

  • 3/28/20 Precious

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 3/28/20 Precious

    The definition of the word precious is “something that is of great value or high priced, highly esteemed or cherished.” Even though this word is not often used to describe […]

  • 3/27/20 Your Word

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 3/27/20 Your Word

    At one time, I was blessed to live in a farm community where the longtime farmers have a higher code than you see most places. In essence, their word is […]

  • 3/26/20 Stewards, Not Owners

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 3/26/20 Stewards, Not Owners

    If you are a believer, it’s a given that God owns everything. He’s the sole owner of every heartbeat of all who have ever had blood pumping through their veins. […]

  • 3/25/20 Concealed Carry

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 3/25/20 Concealed Carry

    There is a license called a concealed carry license. It means you have the freedom to carry a weapon to protect yourself. To obtain that license, you need to attend […]

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