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From Our Fathers Heart

These writings are from our Father in heaven communicating to His greatly loved children. These are very personal messages of love, encouragement, and correction from a gracious God, supported by His Word, Who is exhorting His children to grow up in Him, so that they won’t be helpless through the challenges of daily life.

  • 5/03/21 When I Move My Hand

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    “What are you not understanding about what I’m telling you through world events and weather patterns all around you? How clear do the times and seasons in which you live […]

  • 5/01/21 Wholly His

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    “Holiness is not an option for anyone who chooses to sell out to Me. I’m not talking about the striving, struggling kind of holiness. I’m talking about the peaceful, flowing […]

  • 4/30/21 True Thankfulness

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    “I call you to be grateful for everything, but there are things much more important than the blessings that are yours through the world. As you grow, you will see […]

  • 4/29/21 God’s End-time Plan

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    “Watch! Begin to see everything around you with My eyes. Much is happening that fulfills My end-time plan if you have eyes to see. Most of My church is either […]

  • 4/28/21 One Hundred Percent

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    “Will what you have planned for today matter in eternity? What about the plans you’ve made for the rest of the year? For that matter, how much of the resources […]

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