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  • 10/11/19 Never the Center

    "If you are going to walk in My authority to accomplish My work, then you must submit to My total authority over your life. If you want My presence to […]

  • 10/10/19 God’s Concerns

    "Do you even remember how many times you have lied to Me? How many times have you made promises to Me only to do the opposite of what you have […]

  • 10/09/19 Born for This Season

    "Do you hear the swords rattling all across the nations? Can you not see the sides being drawn? Is it not becoming increasingly clear that your safe little world is […]

  • 10/08/19 Press in Now

    "Press in. Press in to Me for whatever part of the character of Jesus that's needed in your life. You need to respond to My call during this season. You […]

  • 10/07/19 Look Beyond the Fear

    "Fear is a tactic used by the enemy to nullify your effectiveness. When you fear, you make improper decisions and rash judgments. You tend to look at your circumstances and […]

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