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  • 9/27/19 His Love Never Changes

    "My heart is really with those of you who are selling out to Me. Thank you. I have great love for all of My children. What you do or don't […]

  • 9/26/19 Becoming Complete

    "Do you know that I love watching your lives unfold? You are the stars in the eternal drama that is history in the making. As a true Father, there are […]

  • 9/25/19 Awakened by Peril

    "'How can it be?' you say. 'That couldn't happen to us,' you tell others. How blind you are. You cannot see the signs all around you that tell you to […]

  • 9/24/19 Prepared for the Future

    “Do you understand that I am preparing you? The reason I am stirring up the desire in your heart to draw close to Jesus is so that you will be […]

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