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  • 5/23/20 All Notice

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    “Have you noticed that My story continues? I continue it in every person to whom you show Jesus. People know My plan because of the joy that they see in […]

  • 5/22/20 Because of Love

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 5/22/20 Because of Love

    “Everything I do is based on love. You need to remember that, whenever the enemy accuses you of who you are not. The idea of the cross was because of […]

  • 5/21/20 Sitting Quietly

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 5/21/20 Sitting Quietly

    “Do you realize how much easier and more productive your life would be if you only took the time to wait on Me in prayer? If you would tarry long […]

  • 5/20/20 Spiritual Warfare

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 5/20/20 Spiritual Warfare

    “I’m looking for aggressive warriors who are willing to win at My kind of warfare. I am at war against your flesh. You can win through submission to My will. […]

  • 5/19/20 Another Gospel

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 5/19/20 Another Gospel

    “Soon, any doctrines of men will not be able to survive. All of them have one single factor that will not be able to stand true when difficult seasons are […]

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