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  • First

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    Whatever or whoever you place first in your life is the god you serve! No matter how much you deny it or how much you convince yourself ptherwise, your primary […]

  • One Direction

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    There are many paths to choose in this life. As people who love Jesus, we find ourselves following the Holy Spirit into many situations, traveling many roads to accomplish what […]

  • I’ll Meet You There

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    Have you ever had someone make an appointment to meet you someplace and they didn't show up? Unless the excuse they give when you talk of the incident is mighty […]

  • Thank You!

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    The words "thank you" are mighty easy to say when someone has done something wonderful for you. They also roll off the tongue pretty fast when we have been given […]

  • The Presents of God

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    Moses petitioned the Lord for His presence. Without it, he wondered how he'd be able to accomplish anything of consequence. Most of us, on the other hand, pray for the […]

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