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Year: 2021

  • 2/06/21 Learning Mercy

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    “Would you like to be given the same mercy that you are giving others? How would you fare? Would you be under the weight of intolerance, judgment, and condemnation? Would […]

  • 2/06/21 Choices

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 2/06/21  Choices

    Life is full of choices. Some are major and some mean little in the long run. The choices you make as a husband and father have great impact. They not […]

  • 2/05/21 Missing the Point

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    “Can I help you? In these times, I am calling you to continually head toward a deeper relationship with Me. I am asking you to pursue in earnest the death […]

  • 2/05/21 Where Are You?

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 2/05/21  Where Are You?

    In the movie Courageous, the main character stands in front of his church and says: “So where are you, men of courage? Where are you, fathers who fear the Lord? […]

  • 2/04/21 Everything

    Thumbnail for the post titled: 2/04/21 Everything

    “Is your life of eternal consequence to others? Are you affecting those around you in a positive way? When was the last time you sought My counsel about a small […]

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