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Month: October 2019

  • 10/30/19 Carving Away What Was

           “Don’t you think that I would love to give you everything that you would like from Me? Do you for one moment believe that I do not […]

  • 10/30/19 Generation Gap

    Did you know that in God’s eyes there is no such thing as a generation gap? That whole concept is nothing more than spiritually ignorant, psycho-babble hogwash. Spiritually alive parents […]

  • 10/29/19 Discipling or Nurturing?

    Fathers, are you only disciplining your children when they do something wrong, or do you spend your life nurturing them in the path they should go? Discipline alone on a […]

  • 10/28/19 Investing in Your Children

    Whether it looks like it or not at this time, your children need you to be a godly father to them. No matter how far they may be into the […]

  • 10/29/19 No Longer That Person

           “Don’t limit Me because of your fears! Don’t hinder My life flowing through you, because you refuse to give up your hold on the life that once […]

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