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Mission & Vision

Equipping Christ-centered lives to make a difference, one person, one marriage, one family at a time

Wholeness in the church, its families, and beyond

The Family Rescue Campaign (TFRC) exists to further the mission of individuals, families, ministries, and churches by supplying spiritual and financial resources to increase their ability to make an impact in their mission field. Our goal is to provide the tools necessary for believers to become all they can be in Christ, so they can lead others to His love, freedom, and healing power to overcome the world and its ways.

Equipping You – Assisting Ministries – Restoring Families

We see the times and seasons we live in. As a ministry, we feel we’ve been prepared and raised up for such a time as this. We are very concerned about the turmoil we see in the world today in all its many forms and know that God has called us to be an oasis in the midst of it. He’s asked us to create a place of refuge to give people rest from the chaos around them and the opportunity to experience the vibrant and affirming life and purpose available to them in Christ. Our passion is to see marriages restored, families rebuilt, societies that love, and the broken find wholeness in the life that God offers. In that resting place, we fully expect the Lord to build people up and equip them to make a difference in a world that needs Him so desperately.

We create environments to address the offices of husband and father, pave the way for believers to excel in knowing and becoming like Jesus Christ, and leave the door wide open for the Holy Spirit to heal and restore people and relationships everywhere. We embrace and reinforce opportunities for believers to flow in their specific callings and for God to be glorified and prove Himself strong in His church.

In a desire to use all forms of communication to proclaim the gospel of Christ, we offer worldwide online radio, daily devotionals, and free books and study guide resources to help you as you walk through the challenges we all face each day. We’re in this with you!

We are currently in the process of establishing nighttime programming to reach the lost, lonely, and broken, staffed by powerful teams of sold-out Christians—whatever their position in society—who have been in the trenches themselves and can relate to their listeners.
We are also putting together a book distribution plan that would allow families to provide for themselves financially while participating in outreach ministry with us.

Our prayer is to be a resource of hope, a reminder of our Father’s love and His direct participation in our lives; and an extended hand of encouragement, pointing the way to an intimate relationship with Him. If you are led to share your heart mission with us and allow us to do the same, we would love to pray with you as we wait on the Lord together to find His will, and possibly discuss the next steps we might take together.

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